Turn your event into a memorable experience

Keep your event space open so your attendees can replay and consult the content you offered.

Turn your event into a memorable experience with Nectios

No matter what kind of event you are planning, we will help you make it unforgettable

Event type_Online


Create an unforgettable virtual experience for your attendees thanks to our management and customization tools. Take a step into a world of live interaction and high retention.

Event type_Hybrid


Take he best of both worlds. With hybrid events you will be able to reach a significantly larger audience than on-site events, and still benefit from its advantages.

Event type_onsite


Bring your event to life minimizing your effort thanks to our management features. All the planing process can be host through our all-in-one platform.

Quick & easy registration

Create a personalized registration form for your attentees and compile their information into your lead database automatically.

Multiply your audience with Nectios

Multiply your audience

Get over the distance challenges and welcome people from all over the globe to your event.

Engage live interaction

Elevate your attendees experience offering targeted networking sessions and workshops.

Customize the experience

Create a virtual space according to your brand, answering to your event every need.

Get your first event for free!

You do not have to take our word for it: create your first event with us for free and be the judge of our service.

We got your back

Nectios offers you all the functionalities that will transform your next event into a great and memorable experience for your attendees. Here are some of them:

Feature Live Streaming | Events Nectios

Live streaming

Multiply your potential audience, raising above distance barriers.

Feature Live chat | Events Nectios

Live chat

Your participants would be able to comment live what is happening.

Feature Q&A | Events Nectios


Participants can ask questions that experts will answer.

Feature Agenda | Events Nectios


Share your your agenda and keep your audience informed.

Feature People| Events Nectios


Decide which information of your participants you want to share.

Feature Entities | Events Nectios


Promote networking between the companies attending your event.

Feature Ticket selling | Events Nectios

Ticket selling

Fix a price and manage the ticket selling of your events.

Feature Media library | Events Nectios

Media library

Share your videos, presentations, podcasts and documents.

Find your use case

How can Nectios help you best?

Use case webinars | Nectios


Create a virtual space to share your knowledge in individual or multiple sessions.

Use case Summit and Congress| Nectios

Summits and Conferences

Plan, organize and host your event and unify your tools in a single platform.

Use case trade shows Nectios

Trade shows and Fairs

Launch your new product or service in front of an eager audience.

Use case Board meeting Nectios

Board meetings

Host your meetings in a customized virtual space and manage your the vote process and results.

Are you interested?

Check out our Event Plans and decide which one feets your needs better.

Your own virtual repository!

Nectios platform allows you to keep your virtual space open all year for 4,90€/month, so your audience can check out all the content you generate during the event:

Events_Media library